Niche : Amateur Porn
Added : 23 June 2010, Updated : 23 June 2010
All this began after my friends had given me a camcorder as my birthday present. First I shot quite innocent films, you know, all that birthday-party and vacations stuff. But one day I got curious and wanted to know how it would look like when I fuck my girlfriend. So I hid the camera in my bedroom and taped everything my girlfriend and I were doing in my bed that night. The tape turned out to be hotter and more exciting than any professional porn video that can be bought in sexshops. Then I decided to show that tape to a friend of mine. And I noticed that he got excited from the very first minute. Then he said, just as a joke, that I should tape more such videos and publish them on the Internet. He was just kidding, but I liked the idea. And now you can see the reasults.